Tuesday, December 27, 2016


A few years back, I used to wear a T-shirt that read "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional", which I guess was my main concern at the time :-). Last saturday, the band above stopped me from getting any older for a night, possibly more ! Let's face it, what's the point in growing older when you have this fresh musical talent at such an early age ? Back in 2005-2006, with the support of a famous French rock magazine, a so-called "baby-rocker" scene emerged in Paris (recently taken over by the talented Last Train) but to be honest, I can't recall myself being that carried away compared to the thrilling brilliance of Lysistrata ! A young band that definitely deserves to be followed in the coming months ! The first album is just mindblowing ! "Valor doesn't await the passing of years ?" Damn right !!

Monday, May 30, 2016

IAMX - "Chrisalis" - Cabaret Sauvage - Paris - 08-11-15 - Multicam

Cabaret Sauvage - Paris - 08-11-15 - Multicam
1 - Chris Corner's Greetings & I Come With Knives
2 - The Alternative
3 - Happiness
4 - Mercy
5 - No Maker Made Me *
6 - Volatile Times **
7 - Tear Garden
8 - Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me ***
9 - Spit It Out
10 - Bernadette
11 - Surrender ****
12 -  After Every Party I Die
13 - Aphrodisiac *****
15 -  Your Joy Is My Low
16 - I Am Terrified

* Mixed with sets at Marquis Theater - Denver (CO - USA)- 10-17-2015 & at Kulturfabrik - Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) -  02-11-15
** Mixed with set at Kulturfabrik - Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) - 02-11-15
*** Mixed with set at Arena - Vienna (AT) - 25-11-15
**** Mixed with set at Kulturfabrik - Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) - 02-11-15
***** Mixed with sets at the Ancienne Belgique - Brussels (BE) - 07-11-2015 & at the Bottom Lounge - Chicago (IL - USA) - 20-10-15

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 85 mns
Size : 3,96 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included


Destiny is a fickle lady. That November she let her ties loose on me. Everything has been said and written on that fateful 13th. This, is just another testimony I wanted to turn into a resonant keepsake I could hang on to. November 2015 was a busy month for me. Something special I really looked forward with the forthcoming gigs of Garbage, IAMX, Eagles Of Death Metal and Le Butcherettes, all of them within two weeks !! I was quite excited and had planned to see the four. One might be particularly tricky though. IAMX was scheduled on Sunday, the 8th, with a subsequent 1,5 hour-long train trip back to my place the following morning, plus one hour drive to be on time at work with only a tight 5mns leeway in the whole move. I've never been fond of early rising and this was definitely one ! The whole thing seemed doomed and I started to consider the EODM and Le Butcherettes concerts the week after as a much easier option. More, I would just be on my own to the Garbage and IAMX shows while I would go up to Paris with a bunch of friends the week after. The EODM and Le Butcherettes shows were set on Friday and Saturday, so no bad-hair day on Monday, and parties were held on the two nights, where I could join back my pals afterwards. Everything looked excitedly promising !
One week before the Garbage IAMX shows, a friend (Hi Eric !) called me to say that he would go and see IAMX with me if I stayed for lunch with him and some other good old friends on Sunday. This and being a fan of Chris Corner for more than a decade without being able to see him live once quickly prompted me to change my return ticket.
So here is this very special concert I didn't know would later intensively stand out among all the others I'd been to up then. The band was in a good mood. So was I. Spending a whole afternoon with good friends, eating and drinking, puts you in the right shape to attend a concert ! That's why I was more in fully enjoying the show than filming. I usually try to find the right balance between the two but when I had a look back at the photos a short while after, I realized I was definitely more in the carpe diem mood than in keeping some nice memories of my first IAMX show :-). However, because of what that day was and would mean later to me, I wanted to keep some personal footage of the night for this dvd. I was in the mosh, waving, jumping, screaming (sorry for the singing along on some tunes !). Most of it is shaky, with raising hands in the way. That's why I tracked some less "soaked" ;-) videos of the night on the net to mix them with what was worth keeping from mine. So, here is the "rough" result, a multicam dvd made of two, sometimes three different sources when available. I tried to do my best on the technique and had sometimes to demux sound and image to keep the "best" soundtrack and then paste and sync it to another source to get the full song. Also, even if I wanted to really want to put this particular gig to the front, I sometimes had to partly turn to other shows of the tour because of lack of decent material for the night in Paris (Aphrodisiac, Surrender, ...). As though that weren't enough, Chris and his lads are very well-known to keep their secrets in dim-lit darkness live ! So, it's far from being perfect. I guess this one is for fans only for the all the reasons forementioned but I tried to be sincere and to pay tribute to the band and the singularity of the night.
A week later, I finally didn't go back to Paris with my friends. I can't really remember why, already been there the week before, short of money, work, ... let's call it fate. But I do remember what I was doing at the time the news broke. Some friends were at le Bataclan, to enjoy what every concert of Jessie and his buddies is, fun and rock'n roll ! One of them got shot in the arm. He's fine and out of this hell now but still trying to recover from his wounds.
Thank you for being around that day, Chris.  
Peace & Rock'n roll to you all !

Cheers !


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

BLOOD RED SHOES - "Time 2 Voices" - Rock En Seine - Parc de Saint Cloud - Paris - 24-08-14 / PURPLE -  Studio 104 - La Plaine Saint Denis (F) - 12-11-14

Rock En Seine Festival - Parc de Saint Cloud - Paris - 24-08-14
1. Welcome Home
2. I Wish I Was Someone Better
3. Don't Ask
4. Red River
5. Speech Coma
6. Cold
7. The Perfect Mess
8. This Is Not for You
9. Black Distractions
10. An Animal
11. Light It Up
12. Je Me Perds

"Album De La Semaine" - Canal+ TV - Studio 104 - Plaine Saint Denis (F) - 12-11-14 (?)
13 - Leche Loco
14 - Beach Buddy
15 - Wallflower
16 - DMT
17 - Interview
18 - Leche Loco - Galapago Island UMS House Party - Denver - 01-05-14

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 70 mns
Size : 3,23 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included


2 colours for a two-voice set this time.The initial idea was to put two "coloured" bands together who both nicely switch between the lady and the gentleman for their singing.The fact that they share an opposite cast for the instruments was also part of the fun ! As such, I couldn't fail picking a Blood Red Shoes' gig down the shelf ! The band has been one of my favourites for quite a while now (2009) and I never miss them when they come and play around. That was the case on this one again. As they often do in festival, they opened the main stage quite early. So, being an early riser (??!), on saturday again, I had to rush to make it in time. Laura-Mary and Steven showed up round 14:30 and I remember being looked at in a very puzzled way as I was running across the park not to miss "Welcome Home", their new loud opening track ! This was my first show of their great new album and I didn't want to miss a single part of it. It felt so good to see them back even if playing a festival stage always have a "too big space for just the two of us" feeling. But playing Reading the day before didn't seem wearing them out that much and the setlist was nicely shared between precious "oldies" and nice new stuff. A very enjoyable show that traditionaly closed on the blowing-off-steam punk "Je Me Perds", the ideal tune to make you go thirsty for a pint before the next act ! One regret though, shame on me, I just missed their meeting and signing session they set up through Facebook that very day. Grrrr !!! Shall I open a F.... account ?

Purple is a much recent band, from Beaumont, Texas. I'd already read about them through a review in a magazine but I must admit I'd forgotten the guys by the time of their first tour here. Their debut effort ("409") was often described as a kind of raw dirty catchy-poppy punk jam. Well... what is obvious here is that Hanna, the "lady dude" singer-drummer of the band, is just a ball of infectious energy, shaking, twisting, wriggling, cuddling, screaming, whispering ... "everything all at once" !
More, Texas' climate is hot. Evidence is here confirmed by Hanna's outfit !! Anyway, a very refreshing cool band, 100 % fun, who won't shake or reshape the holy tablets of rock'n roll but are definitely up to the excitement of discovering all the things they'd always dreamt of !

Enjoy !

Cheers !


NB : didn't mean it at all first but thinking over the last three posts, I guess it got to turn out this way :-) :

Freaking weird indeed ... !!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL - "Sweat Muzip" - Pukkelpop Festival - Kiewit (B) - 17-08-12 / Studio 104 - Plaine Saint-Denis (F) - 10-06-15

Pukkelpop Festival - Kiewit (B) - Main Stage - 17-08-12
1. I Only Want You
2. Don't Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!)
3. Bad Dream Mama
4. Cherry Cola
5. Heart On
6. Now I'm a Fool
7. Secret Plans
8. English Girl
9. I Like to Move in the Night
10. Whorehoppin' (Shit, Goddamn)
11. I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)
12. Speaking in Tongues

"Album De La Semaine" - Canal+ TV - Studio 104 - Plaine Saint-Denis - 10-06-15
13 - "Costumes" Album Teaser
14 - Complexity
15 - Interview
16 - Got A Woman
17 - Interview
18 -  I Love You All The Time
19 - The Reverend
20 - Speaking In Tongues
21 - The Deuce
22 - Josh & Jesse Interview - "Back & Forth"

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 88 mns
Size : 4,10 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included


Ahaa Ahaaaa said the Devil. He can. The two school's out buddies are back. And they just do what they're best known for, having fun, teasing girls and playing nasty and sweaty way down your spine. I must admit I don't think much of the new album. Too clean maybe, not enough flesh and lust probably. I need to listen to it again, I guess. But anyway, that won't keep me away from seeing them when they tour round here again. So I did earlier this year when I went and saw Jesse and his lads at the Eurockeennes, in Belfort. No surprise trick back then but, as usual, just a feel-good show full of fun and feedback, just like an offhand chat with a good old friend at the bar. As Josh said in their self interview at the end of this dvd, Jesse "has such an enthusiasm" about himself that it got to be felt by the people who watch him. Giving this, the Pukkelpop set featured here is no exception to the  rule. Jesse is going over the top again from the very start of the show,
dancing and swagging on Kool Of The Gang's "Jungle Boogie" and it goes on this  way down the line with quite one's share of banter and cheers to the audience. This show is not one of the best concerts, at least in terms of quality, I have from Eagles Of Death Metal but it does have a particular flavour to me. I drove all the way up to Belgium again that day. The 2012 edition was scorching hot and the bands playing mainstage in the middle of the afternoon certainly didn't have the amount of people they duly deserved, these ones being too busy to find a cooler "shelter" under the nearby "marquee" stages. I remember The Hives playing the day after right in the middle of the heatwave, Pelle's shirt turned into a tatoo half way the first song ! Anyway, the show was just the "get the rock'n roll beast out" party I expected and it was great fun to live it over again doing this dvd ! As I said, this is the only version I could lay my hands on when I came back from the festival at that time, if anyone had the chance to grab a hd tv version back then, please share !!

The second part of the dvd is filled with a sort of showcase the band made for promoting the new album in the early summer. The thing was held at a French TV's studios in front of 200 people, with Josh collectively on drums. I'd initially set the box to record it but obviously I got mixed up in the programming ! So again, this is the webcast version. I trimmed off the other stuff from the programme but kept the silly funny "costumes" album teaser :-) and the two subtitled interview parts. I topped it all with a deeper interview in which Josh plays the interviewer asking Jesse about the new "zipper down" album, the "Redemption of the Devil" documentary, their first recording sessions, their encounters with Iggy Pop and John Paul Jones, etc ...

Hope you'll enjoy !

Cheers !


Thursday, August 13, 2015

L7 - "Watch That Smell" - Rockpalast - Essen (D) - 15-11-96 / Hellfest - Clisson (F) - 20-06-15

L7 - Rockpalast - Essen (D) - 15-11-96
1 - Bad Things
2 - Must Have More
3 - Drama
4 - Bitter Wine
5 - Shitlist
6 - Pretend We're Dead
7 - Fast And Frightening
Hellfest - Clisson (F) - 20-06-15
8 - Deathwish
9 - Andres 
10 - Everglade
11 - Monster
12 - Fuel My Fire
13 - One More Thing
14 - Slide
15 - Shove
16 - Shitlist
17 - Pretend We're Dead
18 - Fast and Frightening
19 - Questioning My Sanity - "Nulle Part Ailleurs" - French TV - May 1995
20 - Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra - Rock A Paris Festival - Parc Des Princes - 15-06-97
21 - Interview - "Metal Express" - 19-12-93 

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-sho
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 78 mns
Size : 3,62 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included

Nice story. A grungy fairy tale ? Everything started simply though : a mere request on social networks to get some old stuff about the band to make a documentary. It finally ended up in an undreamed reunion and world tour ! A truly deserved and long-awaited recognition that unexpectedly struck the girls after a 14-year hiatus. I was there, front of the stage, long before the show started on that twentieth of June. What a blast to see the girls back together ! Couldn't believe it ! The first videos posted on the net were promising but still rough (but hasn't it ever been done it on purpose ?!). One thing was obvious : they were not coming back for money. The pleasure to play, together again, was plain to see. The band's break up in 2001 had never been desired and being back together in 2015 really cast a bright rekindling light on the girls' faces.
Unfortunately, that day, at Hellfest, L7 certainly went through one of the poorest sound conditions of the festival, even if they were lucky enough to escape the power-cuts that spoiled some other sets (Airborne's among others, but the O'Keeffe brothers know their stuff to entertain their audience anyway !). I was seething ! One of my favourite, "Fuel My Fire" was so muffled that I didn't recognise it first ! Listening to it now, it doesn't sound" that bad", though, but could have been much louder and better anyway ! But, being able to see them at last swept away all my kind-of moans. They played head-on as ever, warts and all, and to quote Jennifer's words just before "Slide", "a bass never goes out of tune, and when it does, it even sounds better anyway !"
To this recent L7's concert, I added a gold nugget from the day. Their Rockpalast gig in Essen, Germany, in 1996. Janis just joined the band after Jennifer's departure. Their fifth album, "The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum" had just been released and this is the opportunity here to listen to some songs not so commonly played now, "Drama" particularly with its pre nutty cheer "C'mooooooooooon" coming from Donita's gritty crackpot voice I've always loved. The girls are in great shape and even it it is now a bit "old", the quality is first gen. and is really enjoyable to watch.
I used part of the teaser of the forthcoming documentary (I really can't wait to buy !) to make the first page of the menu as I really like it and everything that makes L7 is in there !  I also topped up the dvd with some extras from the band's few appearances on French TV. Especially the one during the International Film Festival, in Cannes, in may 1995. I remember being in front of my TV that evening, watching "Nulle Part Ailleurs", a quite successful entertaining talk-show at the time. L7 was the musical act of the day and ... the set went wild. I got stunned. Playing back to the sea, they delivered a totally wild version of " Questioning My Sanity", Jennifer going completely nuts, spinning round all the way. I kept the host's comments (Gildas !) for its "nice" English accent and his quite funny appraisal after the song.
That comes along with a rendition of " Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra" in Paris, in june 1997 and a short interview of the band about the "would-be" riot-grrrl movement, from the late "Metal Express" 1993 programme.   

Enjoy !

Cheers !


LE BUTCHERETTES / GARBAGE / BRODY DALE - "3" - Webster Hall - New-York - 14-05-15 / Glastonbury Festival - 26-06-05 / Pukkelpop Festival - 16-08-14

Webster Hall - New-York - 14-05-15
1 - Burn the Scab
2 - Demon Stuck in Your Eye
3 - The Devil Lived
4 - Boulders Love Over Layers of Rock
5 - I'm Getting Sick of You
6 - Take a Step Back
7 - Bang !
8 - The Leibniz Language
9 - Your Weakness Gives Me Life
10 - Henry Don't Got Love (cut)

Glastonbury Festival - Pilton (UK) - Pyramid Stage - 26-06-05
1 - Interview
2 - Bad Boyfriend
3 - Not My Idea
4 - Stupid Girl
5 - Why Do You Love Me
6 - I Think I'm Paranoid .
7 - Push It
8 - Only Happy When It Rains
9 - Right Between The Eyes

Pukkelpop Festival - Hasselt, Kiewit (B) - 16-08-14
1 - Rat Race
2 - Sick Of It All (The Distillers)
3 - Dismantle Me (The Distillers)
4 - Don't Mess With Me
5 - Meet The Foetus/Oh the Joy
6 - Die On A Rope (The Distillers)
7 - Coral Fang (The Distillers)
8 - Parties for Prostitutes
9 - Dressed In Dreams
10 - Underworld

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 115 mns
Size : 4,04 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included


Hi folks ! A package offer this time ! Pick one, get three !! 
Well, this blog has already paid a dear tribute to each of these three rock godesses. However, since I stumbled upon the cover of "Nylon" march issue, a combined project has been hanging on my mind. I finally found the time to get down to it. I knew I might struggle against technical bugs. I didn't get disappointed.

1 - First, Teri Gender Bender and her lads. I've already spoken highly of the band here.
Unfortunately, in the meantime, no full pro-shot live show of  Le Butcherettes has surfaced, which they would truly deserve though. I had to turn to fans' footage. So, first, many thanks to "Invisigoth" who had the patience and the strong arm to film the whole set. I hesitated with few others that may look clearer maybe but more static or less high-energy. This one is not. For example, just have a look at how Teri goes crazy when she fires "I'm Getting Sick of You" up !! Visually and for having read a few interviews too, playing live really looks like some kind of exorcism ! Sadly, because of lack of space, I had to half cut the last song, "Henry Don't Got Love" but the show is still enjoyable to watch with Teri making some moves and faces I couldn't imagine before !

2 - I've always loved this show of Garbage at Glastonbury 2005. Shirley is gorgeous as ever, especially in her black-and-white zebra outfit of the time and more, she's in a very good mood, talking to the audience, getting down stage to shake the first rows, climbing back on it with an inflatable doll she 's making love with, etc ... Great show !! This is why, I wanted to preserve it as such as much as possible !
Well ... it wouldn't have been for Shirley and by respect for "sfb2" who worked hard to keep his Garbage tracker afloat for so many years and who's just thrown in the towel (leave him a kind word here  : garbagetracker.servebbs.org),I think I would have given up. A true video nightmare !!!!  I almost went "paranoïd" !
So, I initially wanted to keep the raw quality I had from a dvd I grabbed at the time but "I think I'm paranoid" was missing and "Push It" was only partial, 1:30 m or so. I managed to get them from another hd source and decided to cut the original vob. files (hard job !), without re-encoding.
After searching and finding the right tool (Mpg2Cut2), I was pretty happy about the result.But once in the authoring soft, it gave some unexpected sound micro-cuts, making the thing a bit off-synch. I spent a whole day only on this part to fix the glitch, going crazy ! After countless editings with Mpg2Cut2, I resigned myself to turn to a mp4 re-encoding but it gave some residual lines in the fast moves on the picture.
Frustrated and tired, I reluctantly turned to an avi re-encoding, pushing up the bitrate.The result was not so bad actually but when it came to author the whole thing the soft gave me a 2652 hrs time for just a song of 3 mns !!! What the ****  !!!!
After trying many other options in the dead of night, I realised that the authoring tool didn't put these micro cuts at the same place according to the different raw versions I tested and more, they could even disappear when you came back playing them !!???
Pffff ... At that point, I concluded that I couldn't do anything more and that it was just a playing problem of the soft on these parts (which play well on other players by the way !!).
The last version I made was unexpectedly quite free of these glitches (why ??) and I decided to keep away from any other try. But who knows, once played ... ? Anyway, if any Garbage fan wants this particular gig alone, I kept it plain (not authored) somewhere and can put it separately on a server. Well ... to cut it short, can't wait to see Shirley and her boys back in november for Queer's twentieth anniversary !!

3 - Aah Brody ! So glad I could see her in Paris a year ago. Even if things have of course settled down since the Distillers days, she still rocks and screams her guts out, on and backstage, as she mentioned it here, starting "Die On A Rope", when she says she's just got drunk with St Vincent before the set ! All in all, a very nice show of Mrs Homme, I've never seen on any other tracker and with half of the songs pulled out from the Distillers's back catalogue.

Enjoy !

Cheers !



TRIGGERFINGER - "First Taste" - Crossroads Festival - Bonn (D) - 28-10-05 + Extras

Crossroads Festival - Harmonie -  Bonn  (Germany) - 28-10-05   -   UPGRADE  !!
1 - Faders Up
2 - On My Knees
3 - Interview (I)
4 - Camaro (snippets «Faith», G. Michael)
5 - Hunt You Down
6 - Drivin'
7 - Interview (II)
8 - Maybe
9 - Commotion (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
«3 On Stage» Session - Pinkpop Festival - 30-05-10 
10 - Soon
11 - Lil’ Teaser (snippets «Glory Box», Portishead / «Daydream», The Wallace Collection)
12 - Is It
Unplugged Session : «How to play a waste container ?» - Pinkpop Festival - Camping B - 30-05-10 
13 - Inner Peace
14 - First Taste
MAS Museum - Anvers - 06-05-11
15 - Meddley / Let It Ride / All This Dancin´ Around / First Taste
16 - Sweet  Dreams - Eurythmics - Bibelot - Dordrecht (NL) - 04-12-09
17 - Only Girl In The World - Rihanna (snippets «This is not a love song», PIL) - GI:EL Radio (NL) - 09-03-11
18 - New : Can't Rely On You - Paloma Faith - GI:EL Radio (NL) - 12-03-14
19 - New : Ain't Nobody - Chaka Khan - GI:EL Radio (NL) - 11-06-15
20 - Valerie - Amy Winehouse - with Natalia Druyts - De Laatste Week  (B) - 28-12-11
21 -  New : Territorial Pissings - Nirvana - with Tom Barman (DEUS) - De Laatste Week  (B) - 29-12-11
22 -  New :Hush Your Mouth - Bo Diddley - Joly Joker Club - Antwerpen (B) - 14-08-10

Technical info  :
DVD full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 - 25 FPS - 4:3
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 102 mns
Size : 3,58 Go
Menu & Chapters - Artwork included 

To celebrate the "Soon" coming 10th anniversary of the gig and since it has been rebroadcast in better quality lately, here's an updated version of this Triggerfinger's early years dvd.
I've also decided to start it all over again to fix the obviously corrupt parts of the initial post, back in 2013, that some of you let me know about.  
Actually, even if it is often a bit tedious to re-work something you have already done, it was nonetheless a true delight to get into this again. After years seeing them at so many concerts, I have almost forgotten how awesome they were from the beginning. More, here, are some real gems from the days of the first album I have hardly ever heard live since, "Faders Up", "Drivin'", "Maybe", "Commotion".
The interview is also a good way to check how they have faithfully stuck to their "goals" after all these years playing and touring everywhere.
The authoring of this re-issue reminded me too of a funny bit I had probably missed the first time during the "3 On Stage" session. Between "Lil' Teaser" and "Is It", a young girl obviously is asking something which makes the audience and the band laugh altogether. I guess this is something like "Who's this ?' but I don't speak Dutch. Maybe our Dutch friends could help us out on this ...
I've kept the original post below...
Four years ago, I stumbled upon an article about Triggerfinger, lavishly described as a talented Queens Of The Stone Age-sounds-like band. The interview was full of loud promises and they soon turned into my next top list power trio to see on stage. I've repeated the move 4 or 5 times since, even going to see them live at home, in Belgium, and I must admit, I've never been disappointed. What's more is they're just adorable guys, always keen on having a chat with people after the show, even after a scarcely filled one, while they're systematically sold out with a snap in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. Fortunately, their popularity is growing, down here too, which is truly deserved. They've got everything, smart look (often tuxedo dressed), rockin' posture, great voice, years of practice on different projects. As a side note, they've just won 4 Belgian Music Awards again, for Best Alternative, Best Band, Best live and Hit Single of the Year !! So, don't miss them if they come round.     

The show we have here is one the earliest I've got. Their first album came out in 2004 and this one is dated 2005. Ruben has still his dark side whiskers and used to play on a double neck guitar, which I've never seen him do since. I've added a few extra footages, mainly covers which they seem quite like to appreciate ... as much as we do ! Hopefully, some more coming in the following weeks ... In the meantime and if you wonder if it's worth downloading, well ... have a "first taste" at this :   

Hope you'll enjoy the show.

Cheers !