Friday, December 28, 2018


As already said here, the French rock scene seems to be sizzling harder. Opportunities are growing and it looks as if bands can now stand more in the light than before. The Internet and underground alternative networks have no doubt helped to spread the word. So, after pricking up ears to local math-rock, punk and electro-rock, let's go back in time into heavy 70s sonic curls with Dätcha Mandala. I have seen the guys a couple of times now, mainly in bars, but this one was held in a bit unconventional venue, in the middle of a forest where two stages nestle against trees. With an audience limited to a flat thousand people, the confidential event is called "Celebration Days" and is held every year in august. It was first created in 2009 by young students to mark the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. A dna print that makes you meet for sure some hardly-seen before rock & folk bands. The loud threesome above is one of them. Having only issued a 7" so far, their first album is due on november 10th and they recently " came out of the woods" playing the support act of a French cult band (Les Insus - ex Telephone !) at the Stade de France ! Quite a different dimension ! The venue was much smaller here but the front row as hard to reach. Rough and dangerous footage (watch out for the crowdsurfing shoe, man !! :-))  Ah, last but not least, Celebration Days hits ten next year ! Just saying ... ;-)  Enjoy !

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