Wednesday, December 27, 2017


The festival season is in full swing. And once again, shows are keeping me away from editing. This is a fair mission. Among all the festivals I've been yearning to attend over the years, the indie "This Is Not A Love Song" tops the list no doubt. Work and distance (a seven-and-a-half trip by train !) have always grounded me home. This year, they held the event a bit later. I stepped into the breach !
Bathed in a scorching sun, the site is sweetly cuddled up to the classy Paloma concert venue. Volunteers and people are just lovely ones. No hipsters there but just music lovers who come to enjoy a different alternative kind of passion. To mention all the bands from the bill worth seeing this year is by no means possible. But one of the most high-energy dust-flying set was certainly the one played by Frank Carter and his Rattlesnakes. Having a glance at the picture above (Wooow  !! Who took this to pay tribute ?) just gives a good idea of what the show of the former lead-singer of Gallows was like ! No rest for the wicked !!
Frank Carter and his fellows didn't grant us the slightest breather, delivering the tightest gig ever, full of this close-to-the-body interaction with the audience he has the knack of. The sweltering heat got no hold on the dandy-dressed gentleman, which was even more remarkable ! Probably one of the best concerts of this 3-day event (along with Slaves' set !) and this, despite a fierce competition ! Just have a look at the video above to catch the beast !
Enjoy !

I've been a bit slow on editing these days. Not because I don't have any dirty projects in the back of my mind but simply due to the growing time spent on the road and at venues for shows. For that kind of blog, that sounds fair after all. The timing is right. The French rock scene seems to have never been so loudly interesting. Over the years, I got the feeling it has turned into something as protean and extrovert as its Belgian counterparts, particularly in the garage rock sphere. Bands like Johnny Mafia, Qúetzal Snåkes, Kaviar Special, Weird Omen, JC Satan, Jessica 93, Stupeflip, Stuck In The Sound, Toybloïd, Decibelles, Last Train, Lysistrata, The Inspector Cluzo, Klink Clock, Avion, The Psychotic Monks, Rendez-Vous, Faire, The Villejuif Underground, Carpenter Brut, Grand Blanc, Venin Carmin, Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel, Dätcha Mandala and many others, each in their own realm, have contributed to a diverse lively patchwork of splintered sounds. The one above is a good example of this budding uninhibited scene that has swallowed a musical culture that past generations used to gulp in decades. Here, the Geiger counter is clearly set buzzing on '77. What else could you expect from the name ? Pogo Car Crash Control is punk. Pogo Car Crash Control is garage. Pogo Car Crash Control is young ... and even younger (how old can Lola, their bass player, be ??!!). Pogo Car Crash Control don't think business or it's in the terms of a 2.0 career plan I haven't grasped yet ! The sound is like sandpaper on glass, this is rough, this is screechy. So are the shared leading vocals, which sometimes shrill-drip over the edge on the right and growl-drop loud on the left. With only one EP in hands, Pogo Car Crash Control have already gained some kind of buzz and recognition from the shrewd noise circles here. Hope it will last long, as long as the  "ouch" of a good kick in the balls.